Proactive Impact

At Willow, we have chosen to adopt a proactive approach to impact. This means that we sometimes need to consciously find and design ways in which to create positive impact.

Impactful businesses and SMEs are not all started by social entrepreneurs or designed with impact in mind. However, many are ideally positioned to transform their operations, with the objective of generating impact.

Impact Creation

The potential for generating and scaling up impact is at the heart of our approach. We consider each enterprise on its own impact merit and adapt our approach to ensure that we maximise that potential.

illustration by Philippe Lardy

Each case is different. We work with businesses to identify where and how impact can be generated. We put systems in place to do so and integrate these with the company's commercial operations. We monitor and measure the impact we generate.

Impact Resources

We build relationships with other actors in the sector such as Foundations, Civil Sector organisations and technical experts. We learn from their experience and best practices. We use every resource at our disposal to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of the impact issues relevant to the businesses that we work with.