Identifying Impact Themes and Indicators

We work with companies and projects to understand and identify the different impact themes that we can address through Willow involvement. We aim to ensure that the impact generated by a company supports our Impact Objectives.

Once we have identified impact themes, and considered how the impact will be generated, we are able to select the impact indicators that are relevant and that will be tracked and measured.

Impact Measurement and Reporting

The indicators that we select to track and measure are drawn from the IRIS(Impact Reporting and Investment Standards) taxonomy and can be reported through GIIRS (Global Impact Investing Rating System) and of course, directly to investors.

We also track ANDE (Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs) Core Metrics, which are particularly relevant for investments in SMEs/SGBs.

We understand that data collection and analysis can be an onerous requirement for companies. We seek to lighten that commitment as far as possible by streamlining data collection systems with everyday company operations and by providing manpower support.

2011 IRIS Data Report

Data Driven

A Performance Analysis for the Impact Investing Industry